Isn’t it amazing how we see in others what we cannot see in ourselves?

The mind is a powerful tool. It can make you believe you are the your own worst enemy, yet if consistently filled with positive thoughts, it can be your most powerful tool.

The true measure of a powerful mind is not by what you know but what you do with what you know..

Little Story

My family holds monthly  ‘merry go round’ meetings where we do amazing potlucks, give status quo of the previous month and un-apologetically howl with laughter through out the day ; A tradition that started even before any of my siblings or I had any kids. Initially we resented the fact that we had to wake up on Sunday morning’s in turn, make breakfast and make it on time for the 9am church service. However as we grew out into our own families,  we looked forward to it, especially the sibling teasing. We have a sick sense of humour, which mostly accounted to me growing my somewhat thick skin, thanks dear brothers 🙂

Our kids, about 15 and counting look up to us. They  listen in our conversations keenly, they mimic our behaviours. One of us, can’t remember who, gave an idea that the kids who are old enough should also give an update about school, friends, achievements or talk through any challenges that they may be experiencing. The younger ones to perform a poem, song, rap, bible verse, dance, however, they needed to express themselves so as  to nurture their self esteem and confidence.  I have never been so proud to see my two year old stand confidently as she sang/mumbled  *twinkle twinkle little star*, and to see the transformations in my nieces and nephews on how they speak and carry themselves is a real tear jerker.

As we grow older, much of these changes, probably because of the toxic energy and negativity that surrounds us day to day. Doubt starts creeping in and before you know it, if not guarded, you may lose your self worth.

I urge you to guard your worth, your believes, your passion, the dreams you had before you knew what limitations are. Take back your crown and wear it with pride. Sure,  you may encounter obstacles over time, but allow the lessons to define you, not your mistakes. Embrace your prowess. Your power.

In totality, understand that self worth, love and affection should never be lost,  Crown yourself the Queen/King that you are.


Black Butterfly Hair Salon fixed me up good!
When the dress matches the glow:)

Photography: Emoji Pikchaz
Hair: Black Butterfly Hair Salon
Red Dress: Anonymous Trends





  1. Enter your comment got this gal !en yea let’s do this we”re who we are(en wht>we’re ment to be!!!luvng it!learning it😘😘

  2. This is such a beautiful and inspiring piece Sonnie. ….keep up the good work girl n am following keenly for more👍

  3. Wow! Hard to believe how time passes by.Love this! Keep writing and keep shinning my darling.

  4. So encouraging and uplifting. You’ve given me a reason to hold up and move on. thanks

    • sonniekay Reply

      Awww, glad it was an encouraging piece for you. Thanks Janet.

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