March 2017


I have been playing with make- up for close to 15 years now and have had my fair share of trial and error in order to create my simple vanity makeup bag. Lucky for me, this has not had any adverse effects on my skin and I hope it stays that way!

Biggest question in my career as a makeup artist is on products. What should I buy that is affordable without compromising on quality?

Having children was like a ‘tick the box’ agenda for me. You know, something you should do once you get  married . I was so sure of my life plan that I knew I needed to be ‘done’ with having kids by 30. This would enable me to kick start my career and give me enough time to work out, look good enough to be confused as their ‘older sister’ when they get to their teens..HAHA

I didn’t really understand the weight that came with this miracle of child bearing. It is not as obvious as it may appear to be. Those who have gone through the struggle of trying to have a child understand the pain that comes with this. I wouldn’t know exactly what they feel, but being in a situation where I almost lost  my first  daughter  at birth, I can highly relate.