I have been playing with make- up for close to 15 years now and have had my fair share of trial and error in order to create my simple vanity makeup bag. Lucky for me, this has not had any adverse effects on my skin and I hope it stays that way!

Biggest question in my career as a makeup artist is on products. What should I buy that is affordable without compromising on quality?

We all have different skin types that react differently to products, whether high end or not. I always say, better an allergic reaction from a superior product than a knock off! The effects may be manageable.

Having said this, you do not have to rob a bank to look good, but quality does come at a little premium so please take that into consideration. I have managed to strike a balance on cost and quality with my personal collection.

Take a look at some of my go to products. These have worked perfectly for my skin and have helped me achieve subtle yet clean everyday 10min makeup looks.

Note: Before applying any makeup, I always use a sunscreen moisturiser that not only protects my skin from harsh sun rays, but also helps my make up set on my skin for long.



My favourite go to  foundation has got to be  Black Opal True color in nutmeg shade. I have tried a number of their foundations ranges and this happens to be my all time favourite. It sits well on my skin( I have normal skin type) and I can easily get away with not applying any setting powder. It cost me 2200ksh. This will probably last me for 6 months.. Definitely worth It!

Pressed Powder

To get help my foundation set longer and get that matte Look, I go for Milani  Pressed  Powder. I like switching this up with my Mac studio fix. Reason I like it is I use a minimal amount to achieve that matte look and feel. I however don’t like their applicator and therefore use my brush to give me that perfect finish. Approximate cost: 2000Ksh



This is my favourite part about my eyes. Since I perfected how to tweeze and fill in my eye brows, I always ensure they are groomed and well defined. I can literally walk out of the house with no make-up but my eyebrows, naah! these have to be defined, but still maintain a natural look. I don’t like overdone brows.

To achieve this I use street eye pencils to outline the lower brow( literally costs me 50Ksh). I then use an eyebrow brush to fill them in with my Anastasia Beverly hills pomade in dark brown. I use an old mascara brush to brush my brows to the desired look and highlight my lower brow line with L.A girl pro conceal In toffee.


Eye shadow Pallet

This eye shadow pallet gives me LIFE!!

I love my eyes POPPING but in a subtle way, I don’t know if that makes any sense. I achieve this by using neutral colours on my eyelid area and play with dark hues around the crease and corner of my eyes. During the day I prefer to use lighter hues of brown on the crease but as they day progresses I don’t mind going full blown smokey on them eyes! Got this on sale for 1850Ksh



To complete my popping eyes, I use a jet Black liquid eyeliner from Kat Von D. My good friend gifted me this and I loved everything about it. I would especially recommend it for beginners. The fact that it is pen shaped and has a relatively stiff point makes it easy and comfortable to use, kind of like drawing. The intensity of the black liner is my favourite part, because it defines my eyes perfectly, making them appear larger than usual( I have small eyes). It basically puts the P in POP once I use it to define my eye shadows. (This will soon be available on my upcoming online store).


I love the effect the Maybelline mascara has on my barely there eyelashes. They grow in all sorts of directions but this might be the only thing that tames them without making it seem like I have a whole lot of product. Love it and would recommend it any day! Got this on sale for Ksh 950.




Lip Colors

I wish I could say I am loyal to a particular brand. I have a few favourites but my vanity bag is full of lip colors. I mix them up and come up with a new colour that suites my mood. My current obsession is  Colour Pop. It retails for about 1200ksh

I will soon do a tutorial with these products on how to achieve a quick and easy subtle look so keep it here!



  1. I love milani pressed powder. Will most definately try the liquid foundation-i have a hard time getting that perfect foundation.

    • sonniekay Reply

      Yea, Let me know how it works for you. The staff at Lyntons at garden city are very helpful.

  2. Mmmmmh… Together on the eyebrows.. Even on a bare face, eyebrows just gotta stand out…

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