April 2017


Just recently, I had a chat with a close friend who was having a hard * insert child’s name *day , In my case it would be ‘Naima’ day. A meltdown of some kind.

She didn’t have to say any more, I knew exactly what that meant.  You see, my friends and I have a support group for our differently abled kids . A judgment free zone , a safe  heaven for  those days you feel like even your best is not in the slightest way enough. When we can’t handle any more bad news from  doctor’s appointments amongst other things, we vent and have a bottle or 2 of wine to *numb* our emotions. ( I said no judging)LOL.


Flash back to last weekend when the heat was popping and my outfits were all bright. Things change really fast, the rains are here with us and pray they stay for a while too! Meanwhile let’s look at the glory that was as we plan on the next few weeks of chilly weather.

I  played around with some vibrant prints for a daytime event that I attended. The theme was African wear and I opted to rock my printed bright coloured jumpsuit, actually the only  one I own.