Flash back to last weekend when the heat was popping and my outfits were all bright. Things change really fast, the rains are here with us and pray they stay for a while too! Meanwhile let’s look at the glory that was as we plan on the next few weeks of chilly weather.

I  played around with some vibrant prints for a daytime event that I attended. The theme was African wear and I opted to rock my printed bright coloured jumpsuit, actually the only  one I own.

I always had the notion that my body frame was not suited for jumpsuits. Any that I tried on just never seemed to sit right on my body. That’s until I got this number made:) I was very pleased with the outcome and intend to add a couple more to my wardrobe! I love its versatility: I can dress it up for an elegant look, smart casual or super casual.


My Second look was for an evening out with the girls. This outfit had been in my wardrobe for the longest time. I picked it up at one of my thrift shopping sprees a year ago and never got to wear it as baby weight was real!! Needless to say I was thrilled when it fit  and figured it would compliment the daytime themed look. It  jazzed up my evening and was my personal favourite. The bright colours did reflect on my jovial mood. I was all about having a great time and  looked forward to a fantastic evening with the girls. This outfit complemented my attitude perfectly! What do you think? Would you rock  this outfit?


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Photography: EmojiPikchaz

Makeup: Sonniekay makeup artistry

Hair: Hair by Makanye



  1. Love working with you sonniekay –
    I am really looking forward to our next shoot.

  2. This is simply beautiful! Simple, realistic ideas! That jumpsuit….If we meet and I am squeezed into one not to worry!

  3. Really awesome read Sonnie…With my love for prints, I love everything about this post.Keep doing what you are doing!!

  4. Looking very lovely in both outfits…complements your body a great deal:-)