Just recently, I had a chat with a close friend who was having a hard * insert child’s name *day , In my case it would be ‘Naima’ day. A meltdown of some kind.

She didn’t have to say any more, I knew exactly what that meant.  You see, my friends and I have a support group for our differently abled kids . A judgment free zone , a safe  heaven for  those days you feel like even your best is not in the slightest way enough. When we can’t handle any more bad news from  doctor’s appointments amongst other things, we vent and have a bottle or 2 of wine to *numb* our emotions. ( I said no judging)LOL.

She described feeling the same way that I have felt many times, particularly that Sunday morning – essentially defeated.

In good faith,  friends and family have hit me with the Infamous saying, ‘God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers’ . In that  moment I always think to myself, I didn’t even sign up to go for this kind of war, nor was I meant for this.

Basically, I do not want this kind of strength!

On  Sunday  morning before we embarked to our shoot location, I had balled my eyes out over something that may have seemed petty. What you ask?  A dress!! I had laid some dresses for the ‘all girls photo-shoot ‘. However, the few dresses  I picked for Naima- 2yr old sizes – couldn’t fit my 4 year old anymore.  I was so stressed because I knew she was losing weight yet again despite us following the nutritionists tips to the letter.

Fast forward to reaching our location, nothing seemed to go my way. The girls got cranky and taking photos seemed to be the last thing on their minds! Wema seemed to enjoy the outdoor so much that giving up her pink crocks shoes and posing for a pic was never going to happen ( everyone tells me I have met my match in her, whatever do they mean? Ha-ha).  As for Naima, I managed to get one photo of her smiling, only  because she saw Wema being tossed up and down by her uncle on the side. Talk of epic photo Fails!

Anyway long story short, despite all the drama for the day, I got myself together and got those photos taken darn it!  Besides the view was breath-taking and motivated me to smile through the meltdowns!

So much love in one photo

Photo Fail!!!

Did I mention her love for this dress, but none for hairmakeovers..smh

Piggy back rides for Wema while Naima is so over it!

Have an epic Friday folks!



  1. Awwww, love this!!! Wema is a trend setter with those shoes..like mama like daughter!!!
    I know you have heard this countless times but God sure doesnt lead you where His grace does not follow. You’re doing an impeccable job especially with the girls..despite the struggles, you make it look easy and fun. You’re a superwoman…God sees it and all is not in vain. Blessings only!

    • sonniekay Reply

      Thanks so much Nyandong, those shoes, I should throw them out buy they are like her favourite sandals, tom boy in the making! ahahahah

  2. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers’.That is the same thought that always comes to my mind when I see you.You are a very strong woman, keep doing what you are doing with the girls.Am so proud of you.Nice read!!

  3. Aaaaw…. the girls look lovely and yes your strength is undoubtedly enviable.

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