‘Afro chic’  is what they now call me.

If I ever depended on being referred to as the afro chic by growing my own natural hair , lord knows it would have probably taken centuries. Thank God for Afrofinity though! An online store based in Kenya that sent me this amazing afro clip in  to try out for myself. This clip in hair is the truth ladies, it has got me feeling all sorts of royal! I love how it mimics my own natural hair.

The installation process done by Black butterfly hair salon was super easy. I never look forward to salon visits and would do anything to achieve a great look with minimal effort and time, therefore this was perfect!

How was this awesome fro achieved you ask?

A few cornrows were partly done on my hair where the clip ins would be later attached. Some of my own natural hair was also left out just to blend in with the clip ins and give it a natural look and feel. Half an hour later my fro was ready to play 🙂

A pack has 6 lines (1×5 clips, 1×4 clips, 1×3 clips, 1×2 clips and 2×1 clips) . I used 2 packs of the 14 inch. The beauty about this hair is that, in as much as it only comes in one colour ( 1B),  It can still be coloured to suit your preference, straightened and styled like natural hair.

I have had it for 2 weeks now and styled it a couple of ways; As a huge fro, fro hawk, side part and high bun . That is super versatile if you ask me!! I’m now planning to try a different color on the clip – Ins and can’t wait to show you the results!

Verdict: Great investment, especially if you are looking for a versatile look. Go ahead and give them a call. You will receive your package right at your doorstep….for free! Don’t we just love freebies !


Afro_The chic with the *AFRO*
Royal blue poncho from Ihsani culture. A fashionable piece that comes in 2 other colours. Easy to style and excellent alternative for the chilly days


Afro_The chic with the *AFRO*
Afro and burgundy fleece poncho for the win!
Afro_The chic with the *AFRO*
It’s all in the detail……


Afro_The chic with the *AFRO*
When the look comes together perfectly. You smile:)


Afro_The chic with the *AFRO*

Afro clip Ins : Afrofinity

Hair Installed by : Black butterfly hair salon

Photography by : Emojipikchaz

Dressed by: Ihsani Culture

Shoes by : Omar lateefa

Shoot location:  Wasini luxury homes and apartments

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      Thanks for the compliment Alice:) Will keep soaring higher

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    Wow!You look amazeballs Sonniekay.. Always looking forward for a new post.Go girl!

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