I can’t remember the last time I took some time out. Before embarking on this self care getaway, I could feel my pressure quickly building up from all efforts of  literally  trying to hold everything together. Little did I know, I was quickly heading for a nervous breakdown. I have dealt with anxiety before(nothing to be ashamed of), but my biggest tell tale that my mental health is on the verge is when anxiety checks in. There is always a trigger. This time around, it  was lack of  proper sleep for almost 3 months.

Naima , our special angel has been struggling with insomnia. For some reason she goes through seasons where sleep becomes elusive and roughly  manages  about 4-6hrs of sleep in 24hrs! Of course this trickled down to my husband and I embracing the same struggle. This one goes on the books as one of the toughest seasons we have been through as a family, but on the same breath, we have grown remarkable mental strength to deal with it. Truly, that doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.

I resolved on  taking time out to travel and rejuvenate with  2 of my girlfriends who needed a getaway too. My third companion was a brute named  Guilt but I must admit, I felt great joy at leaving my parenting-self behind 😆

This was one of  the best decisions that I ever made, and today I would like to share with you what I learnt while on time out.

1) Work/ Life does go on without you!

The sooner you realise this, the faster you will indulge in self care! Surprise surprise, the kids had a swell time with their dad and barely noticed my absence. Phone conversations back home were minimal, probably because my heart was at so much peace. Or the little fact that we couldn’t put the cocktails down 😀

2) Prioritise yourself

Putting yourself first is not a selfish thing to do. As a matter of fact, you owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people. Treat yourself kindly and take a rest when needed.


3) Disconnect to re energise

No doubt my love for outdoor activities is on another level. I indulged in water polo, volley ball , camel rides, swimming for endless hours and running like a child on steroids along the beach! For real, my energy levels were on a spike and being a kiddo for a few days has me feeling reborn!

4) Get your creative juices flowing

You can clearly tell this was my go to cocktail through out my stay in Mombasa! The decadence of enjoying a cocktail by the breathe taking ocean view followed by a stillness and grace of mother nature enabled me to seek my intuition deeply . I discovered new things about myself and built on some brilliant ideas that I cannot wait to share with you through my blogging journey.

This was a refreshing getaway that also got hubby planning for his own time out! lol 😆 I hope to do this more often, hopefully with my family next time. So until the next adventure, Take care of you!














  1. I love reading your blogs. You have a beautiful way with words. Keep inspiring girlie.

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